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Thank you to all the Businesses that have used Lea's Kitchen over the last several years to expand their business. We wish you all good luck!
Lea's Co-shared Kitchen is Permanently Closed-We will be closing the
Co-shared kitchen as of October 2023.

           Lea's Kitchen:                  Downtown Sandusky       
Co-Share Commercial Kitchen          

What is Lea’s Kitchen?


       Lea’s Kitchen is a fully certified commercial kitchen that can be rented by the hour to use to prepare foods that can be sold.  It meets all the proper cleanliness and safety requirements that a home kitchen cannot.  It also provides a kitchen for small food providers that would otherwise have to build their own commercial kitchen at great cost. 



186 E. Market Street

Downtown Sandusky

*Check out some of our renters below*

T's Bees Logo.png
T's Bees (specialty Honey)

A licensed kitchen you can use to prepare food.

Welcome New to the kitchen- Synergy Leaf Tea Company

derrick jr.jpg

Derrick Jr

Rent by the hour-Call for Details



Kaits catering info.png
Kaits Cart & Catering
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