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Lea's Kitchen Rates and Fees

Rates and fees


Annual Fee:                   $100 per year                Comes with two free hours per year. 

A current certification in Level 1 Food Protection from the Erie County Dept of Health or equivalent is required.


Deposit:                         $200                                Must be maintained at this level to use Kitchen.


Hourly Rates: Hot Prep Prime Hours are 5 AM to 7 PM

              1-15 hours per month:             $30/hour Prime; $26/hour Non-Prime

              16-30 hours per month:           $28/hour Prime; $24/hour Non-Prime

              31-50 hours per month:           $26/hour Prime; $22/hour Non-Prime

               51-70 hours per month:           $24/hour Prime; $20/hour Non-Prime

               71+ hours per month:              $22/hour Prime; $16/hour Non-Prime

 Hourly Rate: Cold Prep $15/hour


               Non-Profit:                                   10% discount

               H2 Tenant:                                      5% discount

                    Only one additional discount category can be used in conjunction with an annual discount.



              12 Hour notice or you will be invoiced for the time scheduled.


Cleaning fees:

                A $100 fee (taken from the deposit) if space is not cleaned appropriately for first offense.  $150 for each subsequent offense.  Deposit must be restored to $200 in order to use Kitchen again.


Saturday Night Rentals

              $500.  The Kitchen is yours is from 2 PM to 10 PM to use as both a Kitchen and tasting/sampling event venue, or even a pop – up restaurant. User will be required to provide proof of Level 2 Certification for the representative onsite on behalf of your company to book as an event/pop up. If you do not have Level 2, H2 Property Management will need to be onsite and a fee will be charged hourly.

  Additional time can be rented at normal rates prior to 2 PM if needed for longer term food preparation or lunch hours.  The kitchen is closed to be deep cleaned once a month, we will let you know what day and time as scheduled.

Storage on premises


No food or personal cooking equipment is to be left on the main floor after your session is over.  The walk in and reach ins are to be emptied.  Anything left behind in the Kitchen or anywhere on the ground floor after a session becomes the property of the Kitchen and may be thrown away.  You will be charged a cleaning fee if you leave food, as well.


Storage is available onsite.  Six cages are available for rent for dry storage and personal refrigeration/freezer units.  Private cages as well as shared cages are available.  We also rent all of those options by the shelf in our own units. 



Dry storage:

o   Shelf                   $15/month for 4 foot of shelf space

o   Full Rack             $45/month.   5 x 4 foot shelves

o   ½ cage                $120/month  Holds 3 full racks or 1 rack and up to 2 cooling units*

o   Full cage             $200/month  Holds 6 full racks or 2 racks and up to 4 cooling units*

*Add $40/month per unit to place your own cooling units (up to 22 cu ft each) in a cage.


Cold Storage:

o   Refrigerator       $30 per section

o   Freezer               $25/month per shelf.

o   Personal unit.    $80/month, up to 22 cu ft unit, does not include any dry shelf space.

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