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Tenant Information


Non-emergencyEmail H2 Property Management

Explain the situation.  Make sure you add the building and apt number to the message, as well as a phone number to reach you.  We can schedule an appointment to fix the problem if you like, or we will just come over and fix it for you as soon as we can.  It may take a day or two, depending on the severity of the issue.

Depending on the issue you could be charged for a service call or referred to another company at your expense.


Emergency:   8am to 4pm  419-502-0200

                          After hours:  419-656-1872 Mike or 419-370-1037 Sharon

NOTE:  Tenants are responsible to change their own light bulbs.  Let us know if you feel you can not do so safely due to the placement of the light.

Any significant water leaks are considered an emergency, as unseen damage may be occurring elsewhere.


Pets are not allowed in any of our apartments unless the lease specifically states our acceptance of your pet.  This acceptance is not transferred should you get a different pet.  You must obtain approval for that specific pet once again.  We do have size restrictions (> 20 lbs) and limit it to 1 dog or 1 cat.  We require an additional pet fee (Nonrefundable $300) and a slight increase in monthly rent ($50).  We do not count small animals, but if we detect an unusual level of small animals or types of animals that may lead to damage, we will require an additional security deposit and rent as if it were a dog.  Under no circumstances are animals that may be a hazard to employees or other tenants will be allowed.  Examples would be venomous snakes, large predators such as alligators or animals that are considered to be wild, such as wolverines.  In general, animals considered to be farm animals are not allowed, although exceptions may be made for well behaved miniature pigs.

Visiting Pets

Pets visiting for more than just one day and night must be approved by H2 Property Management.  We will do our best to accommodate your specific situation.  Our size limitation is in effect regardless.   Large pets may visit for the day, but may not stay overnight.  Any unauthorized visit of more than a couple of days will be considered grounds for immediate termination of your lease, so please be careful.  If an authorized visit is for more than a week, the tenant may be required to give an additional security deposit and pay an increase in monthly rent.  Offering to take care of a friend's pet can be expensive.


Smoking is not allowed at any time in any apartment or inside of any building.  There are no exceptions this includes E-cig.

Roof Top Deck at Waters Edge or Schmidt and Hogrefe Apartments

The rooftop deck is just for the tenants of Schmidt or Waters Edge and their guests.  The rules must be adhered to.  Not following the rules may lead to your privileges to the deck being revoked, or in severe cases, cause for termination of your lease.



Access to the deck is a privilege that can be revoked.  Always be considerate of others.  This deck is for all to enjoy.


Although smoking is allowed, please do not ruin the day for others.  Go downwind and NEVER smoke near children.  We assume you will throw your butts away since this is our home.  Do you put out butts on your floor?  Use the provided ashtray. If another tenants asks you not to smoke, we ask that you dont


Do not remove any furniture or fixtures. 


Do not throw anything off the roof.


No grilling without permission from H2 Property Management.  Charcoal or wood will never be permitted.  We want to make sure you have a safe set up, and that you don’t burn down the house.


No glass, please.


Do not climb over the fence or access the rooftop in any way.  If you dropped something call the management.  We will get it for you.  That roof keeps the water out of your apartment.


Please do not bring more than a few friends up.  If you want to have a gathering up there (limited to 25 people), we will allow you to reserve the deck.  Please call management.


Loud music is prohibited.  If they can hear you on the street it is too loud.


Just to let you know, the owner of the building lives just below this deck at Water's Edge. 



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