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Bay View Center and Bait Shop
803 E. Bayview Dr.

The Bay View Center and Bait Shop has all your needs and more:

       Bait, Tackle

       Pop, Beer and Wine

       Snacks, Light groceries, Essential Items

       Ohio Fishing Licenses

       Golf Cart Rentals- Spring and Summer only


Current 2023 Hours

Monday 9 am to 8pm

Tuesday 9 am to 8pm

Wednesday 9 am to 8pm

Thursday 9 am to 8pm

Friday 9 am to 8pm

Saturday 9 am to 8pm

Sunday 9 am to 8pm

Bubbles Laudromat observes the same hours as the Bait Shop

Phone:   (419) -502-1248


Rick and Meghan Hogrefe

For more information please see our website



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