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Bay View, Ohio is Our Little Gem on Sandusky Bay

Only 7 miles from downtown Sandusky, Bay View is a peaceful and beautiful destination.  It offers beautiful views, great food, good fishing just yards away from the business district and a warmth in the soul that is hard to find anywhere else. 

H2 Property Holdings has made a major investment into Bay View.  It is our belief that Bay View is the place to be when the stress of Cedar Point and Downtown requires you to chill out.  Chill out the Bay View way.  With a fishing pole in hand.

             Things to do in Bay View, Ohio


Eat at the Bay Bell, famous for their breakfast and view.

Go fishing while washing your clothes at Bubbles by the Bay laundromat.  2 free hours of rod rental!

Walk along the Old Bridge.  Toss in a line or just watch a train roll by across the bay.

Try to find the Village wild turkeys.  They can usually can be found near the park.

Bird watch in one of the richest birding zones in North America.  Eagles live here!

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