Timeline on H2 Projects in Sandusky, Ohio

Updated: June 29, 2020

Shoreline  COMPLETED 

$235K project.  The window restoration and exterior painting is now completed.  No more work is planned for this building.

Water's Edge  COMPLETED

$240K project.  The roof top deck is completed, and the picnic tables are in place for tenants to enjoy the summer. 

Schmidt Apartments  COMPLETED

$3M project.  The Schmidt is done.  We had 550 people show to our Open House on November 3rd.  The apartments are currently fully occupied.  

Marketplace at Cooke  NOW the Marketplace Downtown COMPLETED

$2M project.  After a grand opening that welcomed between 4000 and 5000 guests on April, 27, 2019, The Marketplace has been going strong, with only one remaining location available.  Current tenants are Noble Axes, Sandusky Bell and Deli, Fancy Me Boutique, Bake Erie, Doughin Crazy, Derrick's Jr, Noble Crafts, Sandusky Children's Museum and Noble Pins.

The Lodge at Bay View  COMPLETED

$300K project. The Lodge is open and gorgeous.  We are very happy with the outcome. 

The Cooke Building  NOW THE HOGREFE BUILDING COMING  Spring 2022

Brick by brick the Cooke Building was taken down safely...

It is now just clean up and next steps forward toward the beautiful rebuild.

Rebuilding is what Sandusky does best in the face of change and challenge. While a piece of history had to come down we will honor that history. As we rebuild we will remember what was before us and look excitedly to what is coming next now and after us.

Thank you Sandusky community for supporting us and watching with us as we say goodbye to a piece of history. Yet moreover, thank you for welcoming this next chapter with us! Stay tuned for more construction updates as we will post on Facebook. 

Meghan and Rick Hogrefe

Bay View Center , Bubbles by the Bay, and Bay Bell  COMPLETE

$250K project.  Bubbles - done, except we are still waiting for large washer/dryer set.  The Snack Shack and the Golf Cart Rental service is doing well.   Come and enjoy the Bay.

Lea's Kitchen  - Lea Building at  186 E. Market St. COMPLETE

$500K project.  The Kitchen is ready for business!  A fully operational commercial kitchen, Lea's Kitchen allows chefs an opportunity to create and sell those creations.  

Campgrounds - At the Ponds outside of Bay View-

$700K project.  Early in the stages of planning, but we are planning for 24 small cabins eventually to back up against the stocked ponds, allowing you to fish from your back porch while enjoying the evening.  There will also be a limited number of RV sites that will be shielded by trees towards the back of the lot.  The front will have playgrounds and picnicking areas.  We want a family friendly environment that teaches while having fun.  There will be kayaking, fishing, and ice skating in the winter!  We plan to someday offer guided tours through the marsh for education and bird watching.   We are coordinating with local schools to use the cabins as gateways for water ecology education excursions, right here in Erie County.

Sandusky Bell and Deli - Downtown restaurant  -  186 E. Market St @Lea's Kitchen

 full deli. See Facebook for daily updates.

The Noble Fun Company


Axe Throwing Bar  


Duck bowling and skeeball. 

Noble Crafts - OPENED SEPT 2019

Package store specializing in craft beers and quality wine.