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The Cooke Building

154- 162 Columbus Ave.


The first part of the Cooke Building (150 to 160 Columbus Ave), the Union Building, was built in 1850 by Jay Cooke, a leading financier of the Northern effort in the Civil War and is a pioneer in the iron industry that began in the mines of Duluth and ended in the steel mills of Pittsburgh.    The corner building, 162 Columbus Ave, was built in 1866, sold to Cooke and added to the original Union Building to form the current Cooke Building.

This building is the Heart of Downtown Sandusky in all ways.  It is the grandest building in the city, and brimming with history.  In 1872 the mayor looked out of a second floor window, while Free Mason's practiced their beliefs in the Masonic Temple above.

Roughly 30,000 square feet, this building is to be fully restored in 2019 and 2020.  The building will be returned to its 1870-1880's look as closely as can be today.  it will have ground floor retail space,second floor office space, and third floor entertainment space.   We are discussing lease with various groups for all levels.  Please contact us soon if you want o be a part of Sandusky history before the space is all gone.

The Cooke Building will truly be the Belle of Sandusky once again.  For a look inside the Cooke Building as it stands, see this recent article by the Sandusky Register.

Head Architect: Jeff Foster  Payto Architects

Renderings by Payto Architechts

Ground Floor Retail

150 Columbus - 870 sf

152 Columbus - 1785 sf

154 Columbus - 1727 sf

158 Columbus - 1,573 sf

160 Columbus - 1,141 sf

162 Columbus - 3,174 sf


2nd Floor Office Suites

Suite A  - 475 sf

Suite B - 1,009 sf

Suite C - 1,647 sf

Suite D - 968 sf

Suite E - 3,124 sf