Bubbles by the Bay


701 E Bayview Dr.

Bubbles by the Bay is Bay View's first laundromat.  Conveniently located on the front bay on E. Bayview Dr. it offers a number of unusual amenities.

It is next to the Bay Bell Restaurant and Snack Shack, which offers a delivery service.  Order at the restaurant when you arrive and enjoy fresh meals and drinks delivered to you while you wait fro your loads to finish.

FREE 2 hour rental of a fishing rod at the Bay View Center and Bait Store while you are doing your laundry.  Where else can you fish while you wash?

Hours:  6 AM to 9 PM        Phone: (419) 684-5750

General Manager              Assistant Manager

Jim Johnson                       Judy Protzman

Little Fishy

Bubbly Bob