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H2 Property Holdings, LLC was born from H2 Productions which was formed for Rick's hot sauce production -mainly for family Christmas gifts, and for Meghan's clothing line, Work in Process.


What started out as a slightly tongue and cheek name for hot sauces evolved into a new career and a new lifestyle!

Restoring historical buildings to open up commercial and residential space In Sandusky, Ohio and the preservation of the way of life in Bay View, Ohio is our main objectives. We wanted to enable Sandusky and Bay View to continue its economic growth and enrichment of the community. 

While Meghan is busy designing and selling clothing for active women, the hot sauce company is still in the pre-launch stage.  Dr. Rick's Mystic Sauce Co, an H2 Productions brand, will be coming soon.

We don't understand the word "rest".

For the observant, notice the brightly smiling face in the two photos.  Taken about 50 years apart, the smile is exactly the same.  My sister, Ana.

Our Mission

H2 Property Holdings is the love child of Rick and Meghan Hogrefe.  After a successful career as the co-founder and CEO of TriLink BioTechnologies, a company devoted to finding new ways to save lives through genetic chemistry, Rick decided to use the money he got from selling one dream to begin another, the restoration of Sandusky and Bay View, his home towns. 

What began as a purchase of a home near his parent's house in Bay View just to be able to conveniently visit, has grown into a legacy mission to restore some of the most beautiful buildings in historic downtown Sandusky and to help Bay View remain the peaceful, vibrant village he remembers from his youth there in the 60's and 70's.

Other missions ensued rapidly.  Dr. Hogrefe donated $250,000 to his Alma Mater,  Margaretta HS for the development of science courses.  He and his wife are involved with BGSU to start a biotech degree at Firelands Campus.  The Hogrefe's began a Sandusky based charity called For Love. With Love Charity, which is devoted to the betterment of life for Erie County residents in general, and the children of our area specifically.

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