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Grant Application Process

Step One:  Fill out the Application for the Grant and for a Lease

Please note that the application requires a business plan and financial information.  If you are unsure how to write a business plan or filling out the application in general, please contact RISE for help.  

Step Two:  Submit your finished application by SEPTEMBER 15, 2018, either directly to H2 Property Holdings, or to one of the partners.  Using a partner will ensure that your application is well prepared. 

Step Three:  The committee will vote on the applications on October 1st.  Only applications that appear well considered with a good chance for success will be chosen.  All ten grants may not be awarded during this round.

Step Four:  The lease must be reviewed and accepted by H2 Property Holdings.  Certain special conditions will be added to the lease, such as expected hours of operation, and other conditions the committee find necessary for your type of business to succeed.


Grant awardees will be able to access their award by November, 2018, which is when the first round awardees are expected to open their business.

September 15th Deadline

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